Ativan spurred my modeling career

Ativan spurred my modeling career

When you’re thinking about the life of a model you tend to picture leisure lifestyle that involves traveling to exotic locations and attending exclusive parties, but this is not always the case. Throughout my education I always enjoyed doing school plays so after I finished high school I sought to try and make some money off acting. In the beginning, I booked gigs with easy but after a year or so the money wasn’t flowing that fast so I had to look for other ways to make a buck.

My agent at the time was a good friend of mine so he suggested I should send my photos to a modeling agency, as I’m built well and possess a huge power of transformation. One of the agencies was very interested in working with me so they set up a promo shoot. Nothing too explicit, just some swimsuit shots they can use later. I’ve never done much of that but I thought nothing could go wrong.


When my agent and I arrived in the building they told me to try out some clothes and swimsuits and I felt perfectly fine. However, when photographer came with his camera with a huge flash and all, I started to feel a little anxious as I was wearing only a swimsuit. This feeling became more intense as the photographer started to take some random shots.

I began to feel sick and couldn’t calm myself down. We left shortly after, and the agency people were nice enough to arrange another shoot in a few days. In the meantime, my agent was kind enough to consult his friends in the industry to see if there’s anything we can do.

Thankfully, some of them recognized the symptoms and recommended I should try Ativan. I called over a friend of mine who had a professional camera so we could simulate the situation and see what happens after I take Ativan. I felt calm and confident and we had great fun that afternoon.

Next day I went back to the agency and voila! I felt free as a bird, cooler than polar bear’s toe-nails, calm as a penguin! I felt none of the anxiousness and agency people were very satisfied with my showing.

Now I’m happy with my modeling career, I never do acting any more. In retrospective, maybe I wasn’t that good at it anyway. Thanks to Ativan I am always confident when I need to deliver and I rarely even take it anymore, although I often recommend it to people that are confronted with any type of anxiousness in mine and similar professions.

This is perhaps the best thing about Ativan. Not only did it help me on this occasion and on many others, but it also sort of cured my anxiety, taught me how to be relaxed and how to approach it all.

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