I would have been unable sleep for days without Ativan

I would have been unable sleep for days without Ativan

I have been reading testimonials from people who have been taking Ativan and I have discovered that in most cases they have been taking the medication for severe anxiety and panic attacks. However, I was taking Ativan for something completely different and I would like to share my story as it is another testimony to the potential of this amazing drug.

Namely, it was some three or four years ago. I had to undergo surgery due to stomach ulcers that have been bothering me since I was in my teens. I guess that being a nervous guy really didn’t work out that great in my cases. Still, cannot complain.

Anyway, for years and decades I was able to control my condition with different medications and special diet. However, the doctor that has been following my case for at least ten years decided that it was about time to get in there and do some maintenance work as the drugs were getting less and less efficient in helping me with my ulcers.

So, I was scheduled for surgery. As my surgery day closed in, I started noticing that I have troubles sleeping. Some twenty-odd days before surgery I started really having troubles. I would spend hours turning in my bed, thinking about my surgery, you know, the usual surgery stuff.

And as the surgery was getting closer and closer, I was sleeping less and less. I don’t know if you have ever experienced this anxiety insomnia, but it is just awful. It is not that you simply cannot fall asleep. It turns into some kind of a vicious cycle in which you cannot sleep because you think about the surgery (in my case) and then you think about it because you cannot fall asleep.

It simply has no end. I told this to my surgeon and he told me that this is perfectly normal, as many people experience the same before surgery. I asked him for a solution and he simply said Ativan. I was supposed to take my dose of Ativan before going to bed each night and I was supposed to be okay.

I was more than okay. I was falling asleep as if there was no surgery ever mentioned in my presence. I wasn’t constantly thinking about going to surgery in a few days. The surgery went great and my doctor suggested that I continue taking Ativan for a few days after the surgery, just to help me fall asleep more easily and to recuperate a bit better and more efficiently.

Well, that is my experience with Ativan and I hope that you have found out something more about this medication whose hypnotic properties must never be doubted and who is as great for acute insomnia as it is for panic attacks.

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