Liberate Eminem inside you and lose yourself with Ativan

Liberate Eminem inside you and lose yourself with Ativan

People don’t usually associate rappers with insecurity but this is not uncommon as you may think it is. A couple of years ago before I became a successful entertainer, I was attending rap battle contests in the suburbs of Chicago trying to make a name for myself.

Now I never had a problem addressing a lot of people, but the first time I applied for the battle it became apparent to me I will have to withstand a number of insults in front of large audience. I started to think about it more frequently as the day of battle was approaching and those thoughts began to loom over me.

Imagine Eminem scene with vomiting on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti, all that, only that it lasted for over a week. It was so frustrating I couldn’t focus on my day job. I guess it was because I really liked doing rap battles and I thought I was good at it. It was a big chance for me to show my talent and impress both my friends and enemies. It was all accumulating at me, getting stronger inside me, this nervousness, rising like a river, ready to break the dams.

In the final couple of days before the battle, this feeling of anxiousness haunted me even while I was practicing with my friends, so they started to worry as well as they knew how much this meant to me. It was pretty obvious that I had some major troubles concentrating and getting my act together.

A single touch from my hands would tell the whole story. It was as if I just took them from under the tap. A day before the battle one of my friends took me to a shrink and after talking to me for about an hour he prescribed me this thing called Ativan. I decided to take it before leaving for the venue and boy was I surprised.

As I entered the building and backstage I was full of confidence, there was none of that anxious stuff from week before. Boy was I relieved. I came on stage and won the competition easily with my witty rhymes and fast flows. It was a miracle. I just felt calm and it certainly helped me when my future agent approached me after I won the battle.

Nowadays, I’m a successful entertainer and I don’t have a regular job. I do stand ups and such all over the country. I don’t have problems when somebody from the crowd disses me (which happens quite often) and now I rarely ever take Ativan, only as a precaution before I entertain the biggest crowds. However, I am still grateful to God for Ativan and that one night when my life changed. I’ve heard his shrink now recommends it to everyone, and I do that as well.

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