My photos really stand out since I started taking Ativan

My photos really stand out since I started taking Ativan

You know those insecure hipster photography types that dabble in analog cameras and all that annoying stuff. Well, I’m not into that at all. I do sports photography for living and I’m proud of it. Nothing too flashy, but you can see me at some of the biggest stadia in the nation every now and then. However, things weren’t always that sweet.

A little while ago, I had some problems with pursuing my career as a photographer on some of the biggest sports events in the country.
While I was still making my way as a photographer at sports events, shooting at high school basketball tournaments and such I rarely felt any pressure. It never occurred to me I could experience some sort of anxiousness or dizziness at a sports event. But that was before I got a chance to take photos at one of the biggest basketball events in the state.

Now I’m not the kind of guy that starts panicking as soon as he’s confronted with a bigger challenge, but as I was driving to one of the biggest venues in the state my palms began to sweat so much I almost lost control of the steering wheel. Somehow I managed to get to the venue and I was simply overwhelmed by such a massive crowd.

I guess I felt the pressure to deliver. I managed to do my job, but I wasn’t satisfied with the photos I made because my hands were shaking and sweating, it wasn’t easy at all.
I pulled off a few more gigs like that, but I wasn’t getting any better which was quite depressing. I was beginning to fear for my job at the news agency that published my photos.

Then after one game I met a college buddy of mine for a beer and told him about my troubles. He said I should get someone to prescribe me Ativan, he tried it once before important job interview (he was always petrified of that type of social situations) and claimed it’s done miracles.

I didn’t take him seriously at first, but after a few more gigs I was feeling desperate and I decided to try Ativan. It was the best decision of my life.

The feeling of anxiousness was gone in a snap. There was none of the sweating and shaking when I confronted tens of thousands at all type of arenas and stadia around the country. Shortly afterwards, I got a better offer from another news agency and now I can relax and do my work with ease and laugh at those fake hipster photographers all day.

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