Liberate Eminem inside you and lose yourself with Ativan

Liberate Eminem inside you and lose yourself with Ativan

People don’t usually associate rappers with insecurity but this is not uncommon as you may think it is. A couple of years ago before I became a successful entertainer, I was attending rap battle contests in the suburbs of Chicago trying to make a name for myself.

Now I never had a problem addressing a lot of people, but the first time I applied for the battle it became apparent to me I will have to withstand a number of insults in front of large audience. I started to think about it more frequently as the day of battle was approaching and those thoughts began to loom over me.

Imagine Eminem scene with vomiting on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti, all that, only that it lasted for over a week. It was so frustrating I couldn’t focus on my day job. I guess it was because I really liked doing rap battles and I thought I was good at it. It was a big chance for me to show my talent and impress both my friends and enemies. It was all accumulating at me, getting stronger inside me, this nervousness, rising like a river, ready to break the dams.

In the final couple of days before the battle, this feeling of anxiousness haunted me even while I was practicing with my friends, so they started to worry as well as they knew how much this meant to me. It was pretty obvious that I had some major troubles concentrating and getting my act together.

A single touch from my hands would tell the whole story. It was as if I just took them from under the tap. A day before the battle one of my friends took me to a shrink and after talking to me for about an hour he prescribed me this thing called Ativan. I decided to take it before leaving for the venue and boy was I surprised.

As I entered the building and backstage I was full of confidence, there was none of that anxious stuff from week before. Boy was I relieved. I came on stage and won the competition easily with my witty rhymes and fast flows. It was a miracle. I just felt calm and it certainly helped me when my future agent approached me after I won the battle.

Nowadays, I’m a successful entertainer and I don’t have a regular job. I do stand ups and such all over the country. I don’t have problems when somebody from the crowd disses me (which happens quite often) and now I rarely ever take Ativan, only as a precaution before I entertain the biggest crowds. However, I am still grateful to God for Ativan and that one night when my life changed. I’ve heard his shrink now recommends it to everyone, and I do that as well.

Ativan spurred my modeling career

Ativan spurred my modeling career

When you’re thinking about the life of a model you tend to picture leisure lifestyle that involves traveling to exotic locations and attending exclusive parties, but this is not always the case. Throughout my education I always enjoyed doing school plays so after I finished high school I sought to try and make some money off acting. In the beginning, I booked gigs with easy but after a year or so the money wasn’t flowing that fast so I had to look for other ways to make a buck.

My agent at the time was a good friend of mine so he suggested I should send my photos to a modeling agency, as I’m built well and possess a huge power of transformation. One of the agencies was very interested in working with me so they set up a promo shoot. Nothing too explicit, just some swimsuit shots they can use later. I’ve never done much of that but I thought nothing could go wrong.


When my agent and I arrived in the building they told me to try out some clothes and swimsuits and I felt perfectly fine. However, when photographer came with his camera with a huge flash and all, I started to feel a little anxious as I was wearing only a swimsuit. This feeling became more intense as the photographer started to take some random shots.

I began to feel sick and couldn’t calm myself down. We left shortly after, and the agency people were nice enough to arrange another shoot in a few days. In the meantime, my agent was kind enough to consult his friends in the industry to see if there’s anything we can do.

Thankfully, some of them recognized the symptoms and recommended I should try Ativan. I called over a friend of mine who had a professional camera so we could simulate the situation and see what happens after I take Ativan. I felt calm and confident and we had great fun that afternoon.

Next day I went back to the agency and voila! I felt free as a bird, cooler than polar bear’s toe-nails, calm as a penguin! I felt none of the anxiousness and agency people were very satisfied with my showing.

Now I’m happy with my modeling career, I never do acting any more. In retrospective, maybe I wasn’t that good at it anyway. Thanks to Ativan I am always confident when I need to deliver and I rarely even take it anymore, although I often recommend it to people that are confronted with any type of anxiousness in mine and similar professions.

This is perhaps the best thing about Ativan. Not only did it help me on this occasion and on many others, but it also sort of cured my anxiety, taught me how to be relaxed and how to approach it all.

My photos really stand out since I started taking Ativan

My photos really stand out since I started taking Ativan

You know those insecure hipster photography types that dabble in analog cameras and all that annoying stuff. Well, I’m not into that at all. I do sports photography for living and I’m proud of it. Nothing too flashy, but you can see me at some of the biggest stadia in the nation every now and then. However, things weren’t always that sweet.

A little while ago, I had some problems with pursuing my career as a photographer on some of the biggest sports events in the country.
While I was still making my way as a photographer at sports events, shooting at high school basketball tournaments and such I rarely felt any pressure. It never occurred to me I could experience some sort of anxiousness or dizziness at a sports event. But that was before I got a chance to take photos at one of the biggest basketball events in the state.

Now I’m not the kind of guy that starts panicking as soon as he’s confronted with a bigger challenge, but as I was driving to one of the biggest venues in the state my palms began to sweat so much I almost lost control of the steering wheel. Somehow I managed to get to the venue and I was simply overwhelmed by such a massive crowd.

I guess I felt the pressure to deliver. I managed to do my job, but I wasn’t satisfied with the photos I made because my hands were shaking and sweating, it wasn’t easy at all.
I pulled off a few more gigs like that, but I wasn’t getting any better which was quite depressing. I was beginning to fear for my job at the news agency that published my photos.

Then after one game I met a college buddy of mine for a beer and told him about my troubles. He said I should get someone to prescribe me Ativan, he tried it once before important job interview (he was always petrified of that type of social situations) and claimed it’s done miracles.

I didn’t take him seriously at first, but after a few more gigs I was feeling desperate and I decided to try Ativan. It was the best decision of my life.

The feeling of anxiousness was gone in a snap. There was none of the sweating and shaking when I confronted tens of thousands at all type of arenas and stadia around the country. Shortly afterwards, I got a better offer from another news agency and now I can relax and do my work with ease and laugh at those fake hipster photographers all day.

Ativan helped boost my confidence with girls

Ativan helped boost my confidence with girls

Of course I’m a cool guy now and stuff, but it used to be all different. I used to be really insecure and I never was really able to talk to girls freely. All I ever wanted was to go out and have fun with people my age, but I was always too anxious about making new contacts and stayed at home often during weekends.

Since I don’t really have a demanding job because my parents are very wealthy and no obstacles of material sort in my life, I felt there was something terribly wrong with the way I behave myself in public.

When I did get out, my nights would usually look like this. I’d go to a club, have a couple of drinks, approach a girl and all of a sudden I’d begin to panic she doesn’t like me. Sometimes it was the way I pronounce a word, sometimes I’d think I was a fashion disaster, and other times I just couldn’t find an interesting topic to talk about. In essence,

I was always bending myself to what I thought some girl found repulsive, lame or just irritating. I even began to contemplate using illegal drugs to stimulate me, which, in retrospective, would have been a huge mistake.
I started to surf the internet in an attempt to find out more about my insecurities.

I stumbled upon a website with testimonials like this one and they all recommended Ativan. At first I looked at the product with a decent amount of skepticism but after a while I figured it couldn’t hurt anyone and went ahead and tried it. I was blown away with the effect it had, and found out it was the absolute cure for my problems.

No more was I panicking whether the girl is going to like me or not, the feeling of insecurity was gone forever. Next Saturday I felt comfortable enough to go out on a Saturday, something I usually wouldn’t do. I met new people every weekend and became really good friends with some of them, but most importantly I was able to talk to girls.

I was finally able to talk freely to girls without changing my personality. I was feeling myself and presenting as such and noticed that girls became interested in me more than before.
Now I live a great life and I go out almost every weekend with my new friends. I also have a girlfriend for about three months now and I’m thinking of moving out of my parents’ house because they also feel I’ve changed for the better. All thanks to Ativan.

When I look back, I’m happy I chose Ativan over some alternative short-term solution. Now I don’t even use it that much, only to reassure myself whenever I’m going on a date with some extremely hot woman. And that happens a lot these days.

Finally in charge of an orchestra, thanks to good old Ativan

Finally in charge of an orchestra, thanks to good old Ativan

When I heard about this blogsite, I wanted to share my experience with Ativan with everyone, as I think that this medication can help a lot of people with problems that might seem insolvable to them. My story is not one that is too exciting or anything like that, but it can be educational for some people and it may help a lot of people deal with their anxiety and panic demons.
Namely, for years I have been a violinist.

I have played in all the local orchestras and I even got a job in one of the major orchestras in my states. And I never had any troubles going out on the stage with my colleagues and playing. I guess it has to do with the fact that I was just one of the many and that no one is paying any extra attention to me.

However, I suffered an injury doing some DIY and I simply couldn’t get my hand back to the health that I needed for professional violin playing. I thought that everything was over and that I will never work in music. However, I then decided to get into the program for conductors that is not exactly like college, but which gives you enough knowledge to conduct local orchestras.

So, I enrolled and I finished it. Soon enough, my first concert was up and for the first time I was an individual who gets all the looks from the audience. I realized that everyone is looking at me and I started shaking like a twig in no time. I felt as if I could hear every single voice in the audience and the room started to spin. I lifted my baton and I saw it shaking so much that it almost started to look as if made from rubber, you know that illusion.

Anyway, I managed to stumble through that concert and I immediately went to my shrink to ask him what the hell happened, as it was a very scary episode, not only annoying and preventing me from doing my new job, but genuinely scary, like something from Terry Gilliam movies.

Not pleasant at all. And then my doctor told me that I suffered a panic attack and that I should try Ativan, the medication that he often prescribes in cases when you only need to take it on special occasions, like concerts in my case. He also told me that it will probably reduce the chance of future panic attacks occurring.

So, the next time I was conducting, I took my prescribed dose of Ativan and I cannot tell you how much it helped me. Once more, I was enjoying the music, really enjoying myself. I felt like Tom from Tom and Jerry when he conducts and has the time of his life.

With Ativan I was Tom, really getting my dose of music enjoyment. Since then, I used it a couple more times, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t had a panic attack in five or six concerts. I can only guess I have Ativan to thank.

I would have been unable sleep for days without Ativan

I would have been unable sleep for days without Ativan

I have been reading testimonials from people who have been taking Ativan and I have discovered that in most cases they have been taking the medication for severe anxiety and panic attacks. However, I was taking Ativan for something completely different and I would like to share my story as it is another testimony to the potential of this amazing drug.

Namely, it was some three or four years ago. I had to undergo surgery due to stomach ulcers that have been bothering me since I was in my teens. I guess that being a nervous guy really didn’t work out that great in my cases. Still, cannot complain.

Anyway, for years and decades I was able to control my condition with different medications and special diet. However, the doctor that has been following my case for at least ten years decided that it was about time to get in there and do some maintenance work as the drugs were getting less and less efficient in helping me with my ulcers.

So, I was scheduled for surgery. As my surgery day closed in, I started noticing that I have troubles sleeping. Some twenty-odd days before surgery I started really having troubles. I would spend hours turning in my bed, thinking about my surgery, you know, the usual surgery stuff.

And as the surgery was getting closer and closer, I was sleeping less and less. I don’t know if you have ever experienced this anxiety insomnia, but it is just awful. It is not that you simply cannot fall asleep. It turns into some kind of a vicious cycle in which you cannot sleep because you think about the surgery (in my case) and then you think about it because you cannot fall asleep.

It simply has no end. I told this to my surgeon and he told me that this is perfectly normal, as many people experience the same before surgery. I asked him for a solution and he simply said Ativan. I was supposed to take my dose of Ativan before going to bed each night and I was supposed to be okay.

I was more than okay. I was falling asleep as if there was no surgery ever mentioned in my presence. I wasn’t constantly thinking about going to surgery in a few days. The surgery went great and my doctor suggested that I continue taking Ativan for a few days after the surgery, just to help me fall asleep more easily and to recuperate a bit better and more efficiently.

Well, that is my experience with Ativan and I hope that you have found out something more about this medication whose hypnotic properties must never be doubted and who is as great for acute insomnia as it is for panic attacks.

Finally getting roles thanks to Ativan

Finally getting roles thanks to Ativan

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be an actress. However, I never wanted to be a TV actress, or a movie actress. I wanted to act in the theatre and to spend my life in front of people, doing the most natural and the most difficult type of acting; acting live.

And since I was five I have been acting whenever the opportunity presented itself. I acted in elementary school, I acted in high school and I even went to college, studying theatre and focusing on acting. And I haven’t had a single problem until one audition. I have been to a hundred auditions before and I always managed to go through it all, not even thinking about being nervous.

And this day, all of a sudden, I froze. I choked. In fact, there is not a word that could appropriately describe that feeling. Maybe there is word for it in some other language, but English language lacks this word. A word that encompasses so many feelings and so many processes happening at the same time inside me.It was an audition just like every other.

Okay, maybe the theatre was bigger than any I have auditioned for before and the role was one of the leading roles, but it was nothing I haven’t done thousand times before. I stood in front of the director and the casting agent and I simply disappeared inside myself. That was the worst feeling ever. I felt my hands filling with sweat, I felt my heart pumping as if I was staring down the barrel of a gun, the sound was muffled and it seemed as if I am in some kind of a tunnel. I could hear what they asked from me, but I just couldn’t do what I wanted.

I wouldn’t wish that to happen to my worst enemy.
And the worst thing is that this happened at the next audition and the one after that. I realized that I have a bit of a problem and I asked my psychiatrist what was going on.

That is the first time I ever heard the expression panic attacks. I didn’t even know that there is something like that and that it can happen to anyone, anytime. I was relieved that it was nothing unusual, but I was still no closer to solving it. I tried with some relaxation techniques and stuff like that, but it simply didn’t work.

My psychiatrist then prescribed Ativan to me and I started taking it every time I go for an audition. The effects are just staggering. I feel as relaxed as when I was a little girl, acting in front of my family.

I have no issues with acting in front of the most demanding and the most nitpicky directors and I started getting bigger and bigger roles after each audition. And the funny thing is that I don’t need Ativan at all when I act in front of an audience. Only in auditions. I am lucky to have such a strong ally in Ativan.

Ativan and me winning cases

Ativan and me winning cases

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that every court case is like something from A Few Good Men and such movies which tend to exaggerate it all a bit. If they made movies that were realistically representing the work lawyers do, no one would watch it.

I myself have never trapped a witness or done anything Tom Cruise or Mathew McConaughey-like in my seven years that I have been a lawyer. In fact, in most cases, it all gets done without any jury and it is all mainly paperwork. One might say that it is among the most boring jobs in the world, unless you love it and unless you are really into it all.

And I am. I love being a lawyer, despite the bad press we get. In fact, I am not a bad guy at all, I think.
However, I had my problems when I started practicing law.

The first few dozen cases were the usual run-of-the-mill ones. It’s only myself, the other lawyer and the judge and it was all pretty uneventful. And then, one day, I was to have my first case in front of the jury. It was nothing spectacular, but it was the first time I was supposed to practice law in front of the jury.

And to make things even worse, the case was quite important locally, which meant that there will also be TV crews outside and correspondents inside the courtroom. From the very morning I could feel my throat closing up and my hands sweating every time I saw anything that had to do with the case.

I was well prepared and more than ready for the case, but there was something inside me, telling me that I could screw up and that I could easily become the talk of the town, how I lost the case and how I was no good. This made me so nervous that I was a lump of shivering meat and sweat by the time I was supposed to utter my first sentence.

Luckily, there were other people in my team and I had to leave it to them to handle the case. It was horrible. I had the feeling that I left both me and the client down. I wanted to make sure that this doesn’t happen ever again and so I went to a shrink, for the first time in my life.

He told me straight away that it was a panic attack. I told him that I do not want this to happen ever again and that I need something that will prevent this if I feel it coming on.

The shrink prescribed Ativan to me and the next time I went to court feeling queasy and nervous I popped my dose and everything was more than okay. I needed it a few times more and after that, I somehow grew out of it. I guess I became more confident and I actually have no need for Ativan anymore. Still, it saved my career.

My son has now taken over the firm with a little help from Ativan

My son has now taken over the firm with a little help from Ativan

I ran my car dealership for decades, literally for decades. Let’s just say that I still remember the big crises in the ‘70s when you couldn’t give a car away. Over the years, I managed to keep the dealership afloat, even expand a bit. I was very happy when my son said that he would love to become a car salesman himself. I guess it had something to do with all that time spent on the floor with other guys.So over the years, he became one of the guys.

He started from the bottom, as I never pushed him or gave him favorable treatment in any way. He also preferred it that way, as he knew that he could be one of the guys and not my son.  And it went on for years; he was becoming a car salesman in his own. And then, a few years ago, my doctor told me that my heart is telling me to stop selling the cars and to go into retirement. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t mind it at all. I was looking forward to spending time with my wife and with the grandkids.

Finally, I decided to retire and I left the reigns to my son. I wanted the company to stay in the family, and him being a car salesman (and a good one). I decided to pass the dealership onto him. That is when the problems started. It turned out that he was nervous when he had to talk in front of the guys, like we do at the beginning of each week, sometimes even each day. I could see the terror in his eyes. He knew these guys well and yet, he was trembling, his voice was breaking and his eyes wondered across the room.

It was even worse when we went to official lunches and conferences with the owners of other dealerships. Whenever he had to make a speech, he would freeze, completely unable to utter a word. So, I introduced him to my old shrink, a guy older than me, but still the best damn shrink in the world.

He immediately knew what was going on and he prescribed my son Ativan. He said it was the best thing in such cases, those panic attacks and anxiety episodes that he had occasionally. And really, the changes were apparent from the very moment he took Ativan.

The next day, he held the best motivational speech I have ever heard. He actually had the guys excited about going out there and selling cars. Some of them even shouted as they were leaving the meeting room. Also, his speech was a killer at the next convention, with other owners rolling on the floor with laughter. I was finally sure that the dealership will be sailing without any problems with my son at the helm and Ativan played a role in this. I don’t think he takes it anymore, but it sure did its job.

Anxiety Related to Sexual Performance

Anxiety Related to Sexual Performance

You had a lovely day with a great and the most adorable woman with whom you had always wanted to be, and are now eagerly waiting for that great climax happening. But alas! Your mind is just worrying you to death because you cant come to terms with the fact that whether you will be able to do your much awaited sexual act between the sheets, successfully or not.

Relax! There is nothing to worry about your sexual performance. Whether a person is a beginner or a seasoned professional, he is bound to be under the grip of anxiety before he indulges in the sexual act that he had been waiting for. Sexual performance anxiety is very common. The more the importance of your relationship is, the greater your anxiety performance. Ultimately what happens is, your worst fears come true and you do not perform as to your expectations. The result of your anxiety is that you end up with a low confidence and self esteem, you start avoiding sexual overtures, which can further deteriorate your relationship and finally you may develop sexual dysfunction.

What is that which actually gets on your ‘nerves’? It can be anything, ranging from the stress of your everyday life, or due to the scolding that you got from your boss, some financial problem or any other problem. These are the issues which are preoccupying your mind and are deterring you from performing satisfactorily. You can surely get rid of anxiety and worry. Try to forget about your stress and think about the pleasure that you can get if you perform as expected. If you do so you can surely get rid of your performance anxiety. In fact performance anxiety and your actual sexual performance go hand in hand. If you worry and are anxious about your sexual performance too much you will truly end up with your worst fears turning true, which in turn will again lead to your anxiety. When a sexual problem occurs more than once, part of you can begin to expect it to happen, causing a conditioning effect to occur. Then, even thinking about sex can cause anxiety, which inhibits your natural sex response.

If you want to come out of the vicious circle of this performance induced anxiety then the best remedy is that you should go for counseling because talking about your problems to some professional can surely ease that stress induced anxiety in your brain and can help you. Hypnosis therapy also works well for many people because during the hypnotic therapy the hidden fears lying in the sub-conscious mind are removed by proper therapy.

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